Hey guys, I wanted to fore-warn you that harry_icontest is going on a hiatus after the current challenge is finished. It will most likely be back after the summer, or it will at least be handed over to another mod.

Anyway so the current challenge will be the last, at least for a while. There is still 24 hours left if you'd like to enter here :)

Also wanted to add that I LOVE this community so much, and everyone who enters ♥ I've made some great friends here and we've seen many amazing icon makers come and go!

Challenge #27: Entries

Challenge #27: Harry and Ron
> Make an icon focused on the friendship between Harry and Ron :D You must have both characters in every icon. There are 13 caps under the cut I've picked out for you to use but you can use your own if you want.
> You may enter up to 4 icons
> Keep your icons anonymous until the winners are announced
> All effects welcome (blending, text, animation etc)
> Please keep your icons links up for at least one month
> Entries are due by Thursday 15th May at 10pm (GMT) (mods time)

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